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UAF SSS students pause while cleaning a stretch of Ballaine Road in Fairbanks, Alaska. UAF’s three local TRiO programs share the duties of cleaning their adopted section three times per year.

Information for Students

Without our students, the Alaska Association of TRiO Programs would not exist. We are here to make students transition into college easier which hopefully means continuing into a college TRiO program and to assist students is completing a four-year degree. We realize that financial aid is a big part of that. Please find financial aid information below.

In the near future, we hope to be able to offer modest financial assistance to TRiO students in Alaska.

Scholarships for TRiO Students

All UA students should complete the UA Application for Foundation and Privately Funded Scholarships by Feb. 15 of every year.

Friends of NAEOP Awards – Scholarships Just for TRiO Students in the Northwest Region

Financial Aid Links – Free Application For Federal Student Aid

Visit the Financial Aid Office at your respective UA institution.

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